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Valley Olive Oil is a family run business. We sell some of California's finest first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Our olive oil is grown and milled in Capay Valley, California.

Olive Oil

Our mini bottles are perfect for gift baskets, wedding favors, and register purchases. Please inquire about discount pricing for larger purchases.

Dorica - Basil EVOO, 12 pack


Dorica - Basil EVOO, 12 pack


Our basil olive oil is an all time favorite. Perfect for salads, spaghetti, bread dipper and drizzled over raw and sauteed vegetables.

The Dorica bottle stands approximately 5.34" tall and is approximately 1.5" wide. The liquid volume is 100 ml (3.38 oz). 

Send your guests home with a reminder of your special day and a healthy favor they will enjoy.

This bottle uses a 4" x 2" label, 3-sided, or a 2" x 2" label

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  • Grown and milled in Capay Valley, California.
  • First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
  • Certified extra virgin with California Olive Oil Council.
  • Harvested: 2016